May 3, 2007

Weirdness abounds in MLS

I'll start with the Chivas USA trade of Amado Guevara to Toronto FC for Nagamura and a draft pick. Que? I guess Preki might have had a falling out with Guevara, but couldn't they have gotten a little more for the guy? The Goats basically traded a DP slot for Paulo Nagamura and a draft pick. Repeat that sentence and see if you can find any sense in it.

Second, RSL (finally) gets rid of Coach Ellinger. I can't say I'm shocked, he hasn't exactly been lighting things up as head coach in Salt Lake City. They did get Junior Captain America during the offseason because he wanted to play for Ellinger, which makes this move a little strange. I thought Ellinger might've had a little more rope to hold on for at least the whole season. Either way, that's not the weird part. Jason Kreis retired and was announced as the new head coach. How well is that going to go over?

Very interesting times for MLS, indeed...

No time to really chat about it, but I'm predicting a 1-1 draw for DC-New England tonight. Maybe the Barry Bonds acquisition can be held off for another week with a point...

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