May 12, 2007

Weekend predictions (and thoughts on Madrid-Espanyol)

As I sit and watch a crazy match between Real Madrid and Espanyol (2-1 to Espanyol in the first 30 minutes), I probably should get my MLS picks in. Sorry, I've been cutting these really close lately...

Toronto-Chicago, 3:30 ET (FSC)
I want to start calling Toronto "Reds", but that could go for a lot of teams in MLS. I have nothing else to go on yet, and I'm still taking suggestions. I can't go for Polar Bears, sorry...

Whatever you call them, they still haven't scored a goal yet. Today will be the day though. Chicago hasn't been all that impressive to me this season, and the full house north of the border will have some fun today. No Esky this week, it'll be Buddle and Dichio up front. Edu is also being pushed forward. Dichio will get the goal off a ball from Ronnie "I hate my teammates" O'Brien.
Toronto 1, Chicago 0

Espanyol just scored again, Pandiani has a hat-trick in 34 minutes. Madrid is down 3-1 in this insanity. Defense, que?

Columbus-Chivas USA, 7:30 ET (DK)
It's another Brewhouse derby as the Village People take on the Goats. Guille will be getting his first significant playing time for the Crew tonight, while the Goats will continue to sort themselves out after Guevara's departure. What am I saying, Guevara was invisible even when he was on the field this season. Kljestan returns for the Goats, which should have a big impact on them going forward. Galindo is listed as questionable with a hamstring injury, but Chivas will need him to win. With him less than 100 percent, I have to go with the Yellow and Black Attack.
Columbus 2, Chivas USA 1

Kansas City-Dallas, 8:00 ET (DK)
I don't know what to make of either of these teams. The Wiz and Burn is not just a urologist's dream, it's also a decent little rivalry. Two rookie coaches here, but I think Onalfo is having a little better time than Morrow. With El Pescadito going on his ritual walkabout, I don't know how focused the Hoops will be tonight.
KC 3, Dallas 1

Los Angeles-New England, 10:30 ET (DK)
The Gals are coming off a nice extra time victory in the Open Cup qualifying round against New York. The Revs are also coming off a nice win, a 3-1 victory over Chicago last weekend. I think New England is a little more settled in their lineup, but the Gals have more potential in theirs. They just have quite sorted things out yet, and that's going to change when Golden Balls arrives in July. This should be the best game of the weekend, and I think neither team will take the full three points.
LA 2, New England 2

Ray Hudson rules. "There's only one word for this, 'Absolutely flippin' unbelievable.'" 3-1 for Espanyol at the half. No Becks and Robinho today for Madrid, and I don't know what they're going to do in the second half.

No, he just topped himself. "They come back like a T-Rex with hemorrhoids."

New York-Colorado, 3:00 ET (TeleFutura)
I hate to say this sort of thing this early in the season, but this could be a preview of MLS Cup 07. The former Mutts are going to be tough to deal with this year, and now they have Angel up front. Let's wait and see when Reyna goes down for an extended period of time, because you just know it's coming. The Rapids are pretty close to putting everything together. When they get the midfield completely in sync, they will be extremely dangerous. With Cooke sending in his dangerous crosses from the right, Herculez slashing in from the left, and Beckerman and Mastroeni controlling the middle, the Rapids are a very difficult team to play. Nico hasn't been as effective up top as I thought he'd be.

Luckily for the Bulls, the Rapids are coming off a Thursday night match this week. New York did fly out to LA for a game, but that was on Tuesday night. Those extra days will make the difference.
New York 1, Colorado 0

Nice to hear the producer kick off the pregame show with a little, "Hey, we're on." I'm still hoping Todd Grisham gets chokeslammed or something...

Madrid comes out and scores in the first 4 minutes to make it 2-3. If you're not watching it live, seek out the replay on GolTV this week, this has been a big one.

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