May 11, 2007

At least it isn't Tony Robbins...

Steve Goff is tells us that it looks like Bob Bradley will have the interim tag removed very soon. I'm fine with the move, but I hate the way everything went down.

The Klinsman saga is in the past and we won't dig too far into that here. I'm glad US Soccer came to their senses and didn't give J├╝rgen complete control. For one, he's a notorious flake. Two, what has he really done in coaching? He took a world power (albeit one who had been sliding a bit) to the semis in their own country at the World Cup. It's just not that much of a shock. Besides, it always seemed that Klinsmann was more of a motivator than a coach there. That might have been what Germany needed, but we could hire Tony Robbins for that job. I think we need something a little different.

I would have liked to see Jose Pekerman of Argentina take the job, but apparently he wasn't interested. You can't really blame Gulati and US Soccer for that, they can't force the guy to take a job he doesn't want. Personally, he was my first choice due to his accomplishments on the youth levels with Argentina. He would be great for our group of young players on the rise.

Gerard Houllier and Carlos Quieroz have also been mentioned. Houllier would be a fine choice, but he also looks uninterested. I've never been sold on Quieroz, I think his best position is as an assistant. He bombed at Madrid and New York. He probably should wait and hope that Manchester United can't hire anyone better to replace Sir Alex when he retires.

All of these things have been known for months now, so why not just give Bob the job? He hasn't lost, and he had impressive results against a rival (Mexico) and a World Cup squad (Ecuador) thrown in for good measure. The delay made me worried that they would throw a bunch of money at Quieroz, just because he's foreign and has a nice pedigree. Sorry, that isn't enough when you've failed everywhere you've been as the Top Man.

I hope Goff's source is right. At this point, Bradley is the best man for the job and deserves the opportunity.

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