May 10, 2007

Colorado-Salt Lake thoughts

Nicky Rimando can't catch a break, he dives out on a cross, tips it, and it's in the net off Stewart's thigh. Poor RSL...

Dueling own goals at the Big Unit tonight, Junior Captain America sends a cross in off of Pablo Mastroeni. There was nothing Condoul could do, as Tommy Smyth made very clear to Waldo when he tried to criticize.

Would you consider Dwayne De Rosario underrated? I don't, sorry Waldo.

I really like the 3-man booth, Smyth is excellent and they're all doing a good job meshing.

Alan Hopkins is making the case for Zach Thornton to get playing time instead of Bouna Condoul. He conveniently forgot how Big Zach put an all you can eat buffet out of business in the Denver area this week. Let's not get hung up on a 1.6 GAA vs. a 1.3. Zach just isn't in the same shape he used to be, and it affects his game.

Good points all the way around about Junior Captain America. Gargan might want to play a little defense on him over there.

1-1 at the half...

Props to Waldo for the red card on Roger Clemens, I'm so sick of that guy.

I think Waldo is obsessed with driven corner kicks. Does he mention this in EVERY game he does?

Roberto Brown is a cheap player. I saw his red card against Chicago, which was well deserved. He just low-bridged Jack Stewart, and knew exactly what he was doing. The guy is just cheap. Maybe Eddie Robinson from Houston was right in giving him the forearm shiver to the jaw last week...

Nice to see DOB bring up the rivalry between these two teams, with Pablo taunting the Salt Lake crowd heavily mentioned. Good job on the homework, Dave.

Herculez scores his second offside goal, tough luck buddy.

Entertaining second half, lots of back and forth action here. I think the supersized field in Colorado lends itself to that.

Waldo gets a red card for his telestrator issues tonight.

Nicky with a huge save on a blast from Herculez. Gomez has really figured out how to play wide left as a right footed player. He's got his little cutback moves down to get the ball on his right foot and hit shots and crosses.

We end 1-1 on a pair of own goals, the first time in MLS history that's happened (thanks DOB).

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