May 24, 2007

Thursday Prediction

I predict that the Red Bulls will have over 10,000 fans in the stands, although probably a high percentage of them are taking the club up on their free ticket offer. This was sent to season ticket holders from the club:
  • We would like to extend to all our season ticket holders an offer that gives you four free tickets to Thursday’s game. Give us a call or email with a friend or family member’s name who wants to experience a game, and we will give them tickets for Thursday - it’s that simple.
I predict that Claudio Reyna won't play. Why? Because he's Claudio Reyna, that's why. He also probably has to tutor Kenny Arena for his Sally Struthers Degree-by-Mail program.

I predict that Juan Pablo Angel will be impressive.

I predict that New York takes the win, 2-0, over Chicago. It's not so much that I'm buying into the New York hype as that I think Chicago is pretty weak.

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