May 20, 2007

Three feet equals how many millimeters?

Miami's best chance comes from Nacho Calcagno, who goes into the left side of the box and shoots wide to the far post. The announcer says it went "MILLIMETERS WIDE!" even though it was a few feet well wide. Nice try buddy.

Buete has a long-range volley barely tipped over the bar, good save from the keeper.

HUH? Soccer Locker sponsors Miami FC? Those wily Iranians...

Up in Baltimore, Cupcakes amigo Jay is pulling his hair out because the Islanders have blown another lead, as they now trail Minnesota 2-1.


E. Charles Blanco said...

And Minnesota is only playing with 10 men.

It's OK for Jay though, because Crystal Palace Baltimore won 3-0 at Wilmington last night.

Longshoe said...

I can't believe you didn't mention that Matt Taylor is coming in for the American Goats.

The Rooster is sad...

El Güero said...

The Rooster and Merlin on for Razov and Galindo.


CoralPoetry said...


Well … I know you are speaking, because I can see your lips moving, but what you are saying doesn’t mean a thing to me. I love the photos, thoough – the bulging underwear, the goats and the cupcake.

You are welcome to visit my blog sometime.


Longshoe said...

Wow, Le Croissant just took one of the worst dives I've seen. Galindo would have scored that goal, the Frenchy Wizard just decides to take a dive.