May 20, 2007

Get your ass up

Merlin comes in, goes in alone on Cannon, tries to round him and flops to try and draw a penalty. Thanks, you know, you could have SHOT THE FUCKING BALL!!!!!!

MARIETTA gets a shoutout from the TeleFutura crew!

I like the Comex sponsor on the front, it blends in really well. I just wish MLSgear sold the replica jerseys with the sponsors on the front. Nobody gets them, not Toronto, Los Angeles, Real Salt Lake. Weak. And we're still waiting for the Crew cowboy hat to be made available.

Halftime in Miami, Silverbacks up 1-0. Apart from the aforementioned chance, Miami hasn't really shown much. Cross your fingers, folks.

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Longshoe said...

El Guzano just saved the game, what a save on Donovan!

What did TeleFutura say about Marietta?