May 20, 2007

SuperClasico Dos

The real Clasico is going on right now, the Mexican League semifinal between América and Chivas. We're 30 minutes in, and we already have a red card to Chivas and a non-PK call that the Aguilas are rightly upset about.

This game could get out of control.

The red card was one of the dumber things I've seen in a long time. Pineda for Chivas pulled off a silly mule (or Goat, in this case) backward kick to lands his cleats in an América player's stomach when they went up for a header. Completely intentional, and completely cheap and stupid. Why do you resort to that sort of crap when you're a goal down?

Why is Bofo not wearing his stupid doo rag?

EDIT: Well, Chivas had a few good chances, but couldn't get one by Ochoa. He made one unbelievable save late on a Bravo header. América scored in the 76th minute and that was all she wrote.

Interesting that both Cuau and Becks have a chance to win championships on their way into MLS.

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