May 20, 2007

Just terrible

Every time I think the Silverbacks are taking a step forward, they just fall flat on their faces.

There's no way they should have lost this game. I just don't understand how you take Millwood on the trip with you and he doesn't get into either game. You need a goal and you don't bring him on.

I'm speechless. I just don't know what to say anymore.

FC Dallas leads Real Salt Lake 1-0 at the half, Chivas-America 0-0 at the half.


Anonymous said...

It is probably obvious to everyone but you that Millwood could still not play this weekend. How high are you going to rate Rochester this week now that they have lost more matches than they have won?

Longshoe said...

Please read before you type.

The point was that if it's so OBVIOUS that Millwood could not play this weekend, why did he go on the trip? They have a pretty big roster, take someone else who can actually play instead of taking an injured player.

Barrow or Walters could've went.

El Güero said...

I was hanging with Barrow on Wednesday and he told me he wasn't making the trip, that Millwood was.

I'll be an optimist and say that maybe the 'Backs were hoping that he'd be OK once he got down there.

But still, it doesn't hurt to take another player just in case.

And if Millwood wasn't ready, then why was he on the bench as a sub, according to the USL game reports?

Longshoe said...

Besides, would it kill the team to release an injury report now and again before a game? It sure would make the coach look better when someone doesn't play.