May 20, 2007

Attn: East Coast readers

Someone please back me up and tell me that I wasn't seeing things, that TeleFutura actually left the broadcast with a minute left in stoppage time to go to "Objetivo Fama".

I wonder if MLS is happy about this. Univision's American Idol takes preference over their product. And it's not like this is the only "American Idol-like" competition, Azteca America's "La Nacademia" is much better.

Or maybe as Shoe suggested, they wanted people to turn over to Univision's Chivas-America game.

Speaking of that game, it's hour #8 of the all-day soccer marathon, with the score 0-0 and Gonzalo Pineda for Chivas getting an early red card.

And over on USL Live, Miami is now up 2-1 on Atlanta. I didn't see the Zinho goal, I went out to get some beverages from QT. (No, not those kind of beverages, we live in Georgia, the most ass-backwards state in the country. Yes, we can't buy alcohol on Sunday, unless it's at a bar or restaurant.)

I did catch Fraser's goal, terrible defending and goalkeeping, it looked like Quintero didn't go all out to get that cross.

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