May 18, 2007

MLS Weekend Preview

Toronto-DC, 3:30 ET (DK)
The Reds are riding high these days, after two straight wins and seat cushion throwing madness. DC is coming off another week off, which has to make things a little difficult to get a rhythm. Heading into the craziness of BMO Field will be difficult for United, but it could shake them out of the early season funk as well.
Toronto 2, DC 2

New York-Columbus, 7:30 ET (DK)
Just when you think New York is fully turning the corner, they drop a disappointing game at home to Colorado. The Crew have been tough to beat this year, only losing once. With Guille starting to get comfortable, I think the Crew will only improve.
New York 1, Columbus 2

Houston-New England, 8:30 ET (FSC)
Houston put things together against Colorado, but that was 2 weeks ago. They host the Revs this weekend, who are coming off an impressive win in LA last weekend. FSC is excited to have the MLS Cup rematch, and they should be. I'm expecting a good one here, but one that will see the Orange Crush prevail.
Houston 1, New England 0

Colorado-Kansas City, 9:00 ET (HDNet)
Colorado is the most dangerous team in the league at home. Kansas City is not ready to deal with them. Sorry Wiz...
Colorado 2, Kansas City 0

Chivas USA-LA, 5:00 ET (TeleFutura)
Wasn't the last SuperClasico just a few weeks ago? The Goats were pretty pathetic in that one, let's see if they can improve this time around. Galindo is starting to look much more dangerous for them in the attack, his speed should put the Gals defenders under pressure. Donovan is always up for this match, so someone will have to try to contain him.
Chivas 1, LA 1

Dallas-Salt Lake, 7:00 ET (DK)
How worn out will Dallas be after their win last night in Chicago? Salt Lake should be licking their chops about this one, their attack and their speed should be very difficult to deal with for the Hoops. I'm expecting a surprise in this one.
Dallas 0, Salt Lake 2

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