May 18, 2007

Long John Silver's...

or better yet, more El Pescadito news. Allen Hopkins was on ESPN today and said that the rumored Ruiz trade is now a Three Way Dance. The Fish would go to Columbus, the Crew would send Eddie Gaven to Chivas, and the Goats would send Amado Guevara to Dallas.

For Dallas, it would be tough luck for Nunez. He's looked pretty good in the Hoops games I've seen. I guess you could go with two a-mids and keep Toja behind him, but then you drop Ricchetti. Maybe Nunez (or Guevara) goes up top to play behind Cooper, I'm not sure.

The Crew would get real dangerous, making a Guille/Ruiz combination could be a bad thing for the rest of the Eastern Conference. It would be like Voltron uniting all of their lions.

The Goats would just be happy to get somebody for Guevara at this point. I've been really impressed with Gaven, starting with the U20 qualifiers back at the beginning of the year. He's really matured into a classy two-way midfielder. I don't think he's going to produce the stats some people expected, but he's going to be a very high quality professional for some time.

Let's see if this gets done...

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