May 17, 2007

Must See TV

Good night of soccer on TV tonight. Besides the ESPN MLS match, the first legs of both semis in Mexico are also being played. Boca Juniors is also in action in the Libertadores.

Pachuca is up 2-1 on Cruz Azul at halftime, Los Tuzos are my pick to win it all in Mexico this year. If they keep that team together, I think they could be a handful at the World Club Cup at the end of the year.

Points to Rob Stone for comparing El Pescadito to El Pigpen from Peanuts.

I'm already sick of the Altidore adidas commercial, can we get another one? Show the Messi one with subtitles, make one with Peter Vagenas, I don't care, just show something different.

I see Waldo likes Juan Carlos Toja as much as me.

Stoner doesn't wait too long to bring up the Ruiz trade rumors. I guess LA is still a possibility, but it doesn't look like they're going to deal Albright. I don't know what they could really give up to make it worth Dallas' while.

No Rolfe, No Ruiz, No Gutierrez, lots of missing pieces here tonight.

The Chilango Fire are anxiously awaiting Cuau. Of course, Waldo thinks Blanco will have a hard time. We all know how much Waldo hates Mexico. He probably doesn't even drink Corona, just on principle. Great, Waldo just made a Spanglish comment talking about how Sarachan and Blanco would communicate. At least Tommy Smyth defends him, saying "You don't forget how to score goals just because you change leagues." Look, Cuau has been playing really well with America these days. He seems pretty motivated to come here and do well, and the Mexican fans in Chicago seem excited to see him. Everything is in place for it to be a success.

Will there be more than 5000 fans in New York next week? Will Reyna drag his broken body out to play in prime time? Will Cleetus be sober? So many questions...

Smyth likes Calen Carr's hair, Waldo hates the headband. WHAT WILL THEY SAY ABOUT BECKS, OMG!!!

Pachuca scores again, they're up 3-1 on Cruz Azul now. I would say they're in a good position to reach the final.

Kenny Cooper earns himself a PK after Pickens crashes into him. Waldo says Cooper had lost the ball (which he had), so it shouldn't have been a PK. Smyth says that it was a foul in the box, so it's a PK. Waldo says it was a dive. It doesn't matter, the Hoops are up 1-0 after Cooper converts.

Waldo complains about a forward (Calen Carr) wearing number 3. I'm glad he doesn't do our games, he'd hate me. I don't hit enough driven corners, and I wear number 3 as a forward.

Mapp's crosses are awful tonight.

Waldo complains about the floated corners at the 31 minute mark, I'm shocked it took him that long. Dasan Robinson almost scored on a nice overhead flick, but it hit the crossbar.

Hopkins tells us that Ruiz is aware of the trade rumors to Columbus, but doesn't know where the LA rumors came from. El Pescadito with the CREW?!? Ruiz and Schelotto could be a dangerous combination.

Waldo gets mad because Stoner and Smyth think he's dumb. Poor fella...

Mapp finally gets a nice cross in, and Carr blows it. Calen is not good with his head, maybe he's worried about messing up his sweet 'do.

Dirty tackle by Segares on Drew Moor, that should be an automatic yellow card at the least. Foul called, but no card.

Waldo makes a great point about how Bradley needs to make being on the national team special again, to not make it an open tryout. Nice dig at The Bruce there Waldo. I fully agree. Smyth chimes in by saying that Bob will be measured by his performance AT the World Cup, not the road he takes to get there.

1-0 to the Hoops at the half.

Waldo is still crying about the PK. When it happened, he said the touch was why it shouldn't have been a PK. Now he's saying Cooper took a dive. C'mon Waldo, stop being difficult. The heel shouldn't look this stupid.

Justin Mapp will be a star with the national team THIS YEAR. He's come so far since the beginning of last season. Waldo makes a good comparison: Preki.

Awesome ball through to Thompson, who blows it.

Wow, can we end the tongue bath for the Toronto fans? They throw some seat cushions and now they're the greatest thing to ever happen to the sport as we know it.

Cooper blasts a drive off the crossbar from about thirty yards out. Chicago is really struggling to get anything going.

58 minutes, zero shots on goal for Chicago. Possession and corners really don't do much for you if you can't get any shots on goal...

Awesome sliding tackle by Toja on Mapp, it was textbook. The change of possession leads to a Hoops goal. After a bit of possession, Thompson leaves a ball off for Toja outside the box. His blast takes a slight deflection and it past Pickens, he had no chance.

Toja is a fan of Led Zeppelin and The Doors. We need an interview with this guy, like immediately. I might have to start calling him the Lizard King.

Hey Calen, you might want to kick the ball when it's passed to you inside the six yard box. Just a thought...

Well it took a few more chances, but Carr finally gets his goal. Waldo's just happy he took his headband off during the celebration. Good combination between Thiago, Barrett, and Carr. Nice subs by Sarachan.

I wasn't very impressed with Dax McCarty tonight, he looked like he was in over his head all night. He has the skill, he just needs more confidence to really hang at this level.

The subs have really helped Chicago put things together, they look much more dangerous up top now. Mapp's corners still suck though. Thiago puts a header off the post on the second cross from Mapp. His corners are all over the place, but he still has a blind confidence in being able to hit the right ball the next time. I like it.

Waldo gives the Red Bulls fans a red card, and I agree. Where are you people? The team has started to do everything you wanted, I know it took a while, but c'mon...

Dario Sala is the time-wasting master.

Waldo says Drew Moor has "limited skill". I guess I can't really argue against that too much.

Dasan Robinson just got up and shoved the Lizard King down for a foul, he's lucky he didn't get a red. Robinson's lost his cool now, awful throw, and then a stupid foul. Grow up Dasan, you're costing your team any chance they might have had to tie the game.

Toja gets a yellow with a retaliation foul of sorts in the offensive half. Pretty smart foul, as it stopped a Chicago counter.

FCD gets the win on the road, good match. I'd give the Cupcake of the Match to Toja. ESPN disagrees and they give it to Cooper.

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Wasn't able to catch the game last night, thanks for the recap