April 23, 2007

Week 3 thoughts

  • The Crew got on the scoreboard, but it was still only enough for a draw. Really nice goal by Kamara to tie things up late, thanks to a stampeding run by Frankie the Surfer.
  • Huge win for the Red Bulls, even with Claudio Reyna in the team. I'm still not ready to put them in the MLS Cup just based off their signing of Angel, but they will be tougher to deal with this season.
  • The Wiz came back down to Earth after their demolition of DC, losing in Chicago. Newbie Marinelli played, and scored on a PK at the end. Chad Barrett and Chris Rolfe are starting to become a nice combination up from for the Fire.
  • Nick Rimando might be the worst keeper in the league right now. 2 of the Chivas goals were definitely his fault. To take nothing away from the Goats, Rimando cost RSL the game. Maykel Galindo is becoming more and more of a player in this league, and Ante Razov became the third member of the 100 goal club. And who can forget a goal by the Rooster Matt Taylor?
  • Ramon Nunez took the reins for Dallas and scored twice to beat Colorado. He had a great goal early, which was cancelled out by Jovan Kirovski. What was Shaka doing on Kirovski's goal? I think FCD is anxiously waiting for the return of Iron Dario Sala. Nunez then answered back with a nice free kick, one that Condoul probably should've held. Big Zach would've eaten it. The Bird Man Oduro scored in stoppage time to rub in the win.
  • Kind of disappointing crowds in New York, Chicago, and LA. The weather was actually decent this weekend, so that isn't the excuse. What up soccer fans?

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