April 21, 2007


Miguel Melendez over at the Orange County Register has revealed the new jersey sponsor for Chivas USA.

For those who don't know, Comex is not a cement company (lord knows there are millions in Mexico), but a Mexico-based paint company.

They are also the name sponsor of the Mexican League, as the title of this entry is repeated throughout broadcasts of the league's games.

What puzzles me is that in an interview with Luis Bueno of LA Soccer News, Chivas USA President Antonio Cué stated that "We have reached a deal with a company to be our sponsor, a company that is of equal importance and stature in Mexico as well as the United States."

Huh? Does Comex even sell paint here? The only reason I know of the company is their sponsorship of the Mexican League. A little puzzling to me...

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Anonymous said...

Comex in the US FYI:

In August, Consorcio Comex SA, Mexico's biggest paint maker, purchased Professional Paint for $400 million. With the move, Comex breaks into the U.S. paint market.

Comex, which holds 54 percent of Mexico's paint market, will invest as much as $50 million to expand Professional Paint's production and distribution capabilities.

"It's difficult to keep growing in Mexico," said Marcos Archar, Comex's chief executive.