April 14, 2007

Week 2: Saturday mid-point

No score for the Crew-Mormons. Columbus has been dubbed the Queretero of MLS...

DC-KC is trying to make up for that one, it's 3-2 at the half there. KC scored 2 quick goals. One was Perkins' fault, he was beat at the near post. United clawed back into it, Emilio scored his usual goal and Gomez ripped a free kick that Kevin Cartman couldn't hold. Yet another giveaway in the middle field gave KC a break late, Eddie Johnson finished nicely to put the Wiz back in front.

New England is up 2-0 over Toronto at the Big Razor. Waldo's man-crush scored both goals for the Revs, it's a good night in the Wynalda household.

I guess it's going to rain for every DCU game this season...

Welcome back Christian Gomez, we wondered what happened to you. Now, if you could just show up when there isn't a free kick to take.

DCU has had the better of the possession, but their mistakes and sloppy play are killing them. Harrington and Victorine have scored, HARRINGTON AND VICTORINE!!!

They just showed the Chivas lineup, apparently Juanito Bornstein is playing both left back and right midfield. Damn, dude is talented. Houston has swapped Dalglish for Alejandro Moreno. I'm definitely pulling for Chivas now.

You Don't Have to Call Me Darlin' makes for some interesting soccer soundtrack action, huh?

Eddie Johnson must like it, because he is KILLING DC tonight. His breakaway is saved by Perkins, but Sealy knocks in the rebound. How do you give up 4 goals to the Rainbow Warriors?

I don't think Fred is going to work for DCU, at least not on the wing. He's too much of a central player and is screwing up the team's shape. Gomez starts drifting wide to cover the space, and DC is all out of balance. I'd rather see Casal, Moose, or deRoux there right now.

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