April 14, 2007

DCU/KC and NE/TOR finals, Chivas/Houston halftime

Wow. I'd never have picked DC to be 0-2 to start the season. And I'm sure nobody expected Kansas City to look half as good as they have tonight. They've had some pretty setups and nice finishing, even GAM getting into the mix. Maybe Boca Juniors will come calling after all...

As expected New England has dominated the Tontos, two early goals from Wynalda's boyfriend Taylor Twellman. Maybe Toronto was caught watching the NHL Playoffs? In any case, the Polar Bears get two straight against Kansas City, with the second being their home debut. Hopefully they'll have them figured out in two weeks' time.

Deep in the heart of Texas (I remember P.W. Herman), the Goats are really taking it to Houston. Both Galindo and Juanito had great chances to put the rojiblancos ahead, only for Onstad to come on big. I haven't seen much of the Houston offense tonight. I think they scored a month's worth of goals against Pachuca and must now wait at least one more week before tallying.

Or maybe it has something to do with Paul Dalglish being in the starting lineup?

Hopefully things continue as they do. VAMOS GOATS!

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