April 14, 2007

Week 2: Early thoughts

First half is done in SLC, lots of energy and running, but not much else. We're still scoreless in the second half there.

Jason Kreis is starting to get the "crusty old veteran" look about him. I almost expect him to start yelling at the "young whippersnappers" for messing up his lawn.

The Crew have had more of the play, from what I've seen, but haven't translated that into many good chances. Cunningham had one good chance for RSL, but blew the shot.

I'm just waiting on DC-KC at this point. The NHL playoffs are taking up a TV, so no Revs-Maple Leafs for us tonight. The Chivas crew is anxiously awaiting their big challenge tonight.

Todd Grisham is looking for John Cena to FU somebody at this point in the pregame show.

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