April 13, 2007

Sprinkles: Workin' for the Weekend

New York: All sorts of the usual craziness coming out Red Bull Land. As for the bad news, Markus Schopp is out indefinitely due to a sports hernia. Is the sports hernia to MLS as the broken metatarsel to the EPL?

All signs pointed to go earlier for Juan Pablo Angel to join Red Bull from Aston Villa, but now there appears to be a snag. They've agreed to a contract with Angel, but they're having problems sorting out a transfer fee. They're also supposedly interested in Djibril Cisse, but he looks to be too expensive. I also heard that Red Bull was talking to Ronaldinho, Wayne Rooney, Lionel Messi, Pele, and the reanimated corpse of Ferenc Puskas. We'll see who they get...

More on the Red Bulls desperate search for another striker before the window closes here from our boy Ives.

Chivas USA: Our friends at the Goats' Offside Blog are working on checking out a rumor involving Chivas trading for KC's designated player slot. I would doubt it'd be a Mexican, Vergara had made statements in the past about it being difficult for Chivas USA to spend big money on a Mexican player rather then sending said player to the mothership in Guadalajara. Maybe Chivas is after Puskas, who knows?

Columbus: The Crew and Red Bulls are having a slap fight over a 4th round supplemental draft choice. Good times...

Chicago: The Fire have trumped everyone and signed RONALDO!!! No, not Rotundo in Milan. No, not Cristiano in Manchester. They've brought in Ronaldo Viano, a Brazilian who's been playing in Trinidad, on trial. I'm just glad I get to talk about my boys W Connection again. Dub-C in the house!

Colorado: Somebody else recognizes that Terry Cooke is a pimp. Nice.

New England: The Revs will be missing Shalrie Joseph, Michael Parkhurst, and Daniel Hernandez for sure against Toronto. Noonan probably won't be starting either. They better hope Reis is on like El Guzano was last week.


joemybro said...

There's no way to contact you on the blog (that I can find), but check out this sprinkle from Mark Conley's posting about "MLS Myths" at http://www.ussoccerplayers.com/

"Jason Kreis is the League's top all-time goal-scorer"

Technically, this is correct, but only if you use regular season numbers. Going into this weekend, the Real Salt Lake striker leads Jaime Moreno by three goals (108 to 105) on the MLS all-time scorer charts. However, Moreno has tallied 12 times in the postseason compared to Kreis' four goals, giving him an overall lead (117 to 112).

It's also important to note that Moreno has assisted on more goals in his career than Kreis (83 to 74), and has done so by playing in 52 less regular season games. That's almost two whole seasons.

Marc Connolly is the managing editor for USSoccerPlayers.com. He can be reached at: mconnolly@usnstpa.com

E. Charles Blanco said...

MLS clearly refers to Kreis as its "all-time leading goalscorer", as Moreno has not passed Kreis in regular season goals.


Technically, Moreno is the all-time leader. But until MLS officially refers to him as the ("all-time leading goalscorer", then it's Kreis.