April 12, 2007

LA-FCD, Halftime and 2nd half


Note to ESPN: When getting anchors for the SportsCenter segment of halftime, get people who can pronounce international players' names. I think he threw up in his mouth trying to say Inzaghi.

Lame Red Card/Yellow Card segment, I'm devastated. 2 Game Balls, NO Red Cards. Where's the real Waldo?

135 minutes of the MLS season, no goals for the Gals.

Big time lineup shifts for LA, it gets them a quick corner. Nothing comes of it though. Kevin Harmse, LA's halftime sub, decks Toja at midfield. Cobi's shifted over to the right, Albright has dropped back into midfield.

Donovan gets clocked by Alex Yi, yellow to Yi. Landon is taking a bit of a beating tonight. He nearly picks out the far upper 90 on the free kick, but Shaka knocks it over the line. Now it's Hislop down hurt.

Waldo bitches about Landon's free kick again, saying it's too high.

Shaka knocks a cross away from a challenging Jaqua. The ball comes back in and Shaka saves a sweet flick-on header from Jaqua. Nate then earns himself a yellow by running his mouth.

Harmse gets himself a yellow for taking down his second Hoop in 7 minutes.

Landon just misses wide with his left foot, great ball from Martino to set it up. Waldo bitches about Landon's crosses AGAIN. Dude, we get it, you don't like Donovan. Not everyone can be like Taylor...

Ruiz blocks Donovan's corner from ten yards away. I assume Waldo broke something in the booth.

Robbie Findley in for Cobi. Can Cobi not play 90 minutes anymore? He was subbed early in Houston as well.

Another Donovan free kick comes up short and is headed away. Ruiz then undercuts Landon, who goes down hard. Landon puts the second free kick into the wall, and I'm sure Waldo broke something.

Nate Jaqua doing step-over moves is frightening. Findley reacts late to a Donvan pass, Shaka eats it up.

Is it blasphemous to say that the Gals are missing Alan Gordon?

Waldo wants LA to take the ball wide and send in crosses. He's irritated with Albright continually sending in the early cross. Findley makes a great move on the endline, but is reluctant to take the shot.

DOB is hyping up the other national broadcasts of the weekend, mentioning the FSC, HDNet, and TeleFutura games. Cool.

Martino taken down, Donovan wastes another free kick. Waldo apologizes for picking on Donovan. He sure is struggling on dead balls tonight.

Waldo wants Toja to get haircut, but he could be competition for Taylor in the man-crush Olympics.

Findley has some individual skills, but he seems in over his head just a bit.

Can we get a Cooper/Cunningham pairing for the US national team?

Bonus points to ESPN for showing Cunningham's AWESOME goal celebration from last weekend. Waldo is horrified.

Toja nearly scores on a 30 yard blast, Waldo is breathless, Taylor is nervous.

Donovan picks out Findley on a corner, but he blows it wide.

Mike Randolph is coming in for LA. Who is this guy?

Waldo uses the Kick Trax to rip on Landon's service. He's going to go down there and slap him in a second.

Findley blows a second chance, putting a Donovan pass wide. That's two.

Becks might ask to be transferred to Chivas USA if this keeps up...

LA finally gets a goal, Findley puts in a header off a Donovan corner. Well, he still owes the Gals one more. Waldo spent the whole set-up talking about how Jazic should take the corner instead of Donovan. Gotta hate it when that happens...

Landon has the ball fall to him outside the box, pulls a nice move, but then puts the cross over the goal. We get an "Ugh" out of Waldo.

Albright sends in a dangerous cross that's eventually cleared. Ruiz holds the ball up at midfield and puts in a great screaming performance on a Tyrone Marshall foul. "This might take a while, people," Waldo says.

That's it, the boos rain down on the Gals as FCD leaves with a 2-1 win. I'll give Shaka and Toja Cupcakes for FCD.

ESPN gives Man of the Match to Ruiz, I don't agree. Nice PK, but he didn't do much else. Shaka made some big saves and Toja was very important in the midfield.

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