April 17, 2007

Sprinkles: The microwave edition

New York: Juan Pablo Angel WILL be joining the Red Bulls. Ives has seen the photos to prove it, he even got a new haircut for the deal. Aww...

There's a press conference going on this afternoon to officially announce it.

Columbus: The Crew have gotten their man, as Guillermo Barros Schelotto will officially be announced on Tuesday. Thanks for the heads up, MLS Underground! No one's sure if he'll be a DP signing, or just a regular signing...

Los Angeles: Well, at least Becks has "big balls".

Chivas USA: It looks like the Goats are also in the fight for Zizou, if he decides to play again. After trading away their designated player slot in the Amado Guevara deal, it now looks like the front office wants to make a splash with a high profile player of their own. Others mentioned include Pavel Nedved and Luis Figo. Of course, they'll have to get somebody's DP slot to make that happen, I guess that's where the KC talk started. What would they give up to get a DP slot?

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joemybro said...

So, who does Bruce bump once Juan Pablo shows up? Does Jozy go back to being the super-sub he was last season? Does Van den Berg sit? And is it time for John Wolyniec to start packing his bags (again) if he wants to play?
Aaaaah, Red Bull. We can only hope this buy is as big a bust as most of their others.