April 17, 2007

MFLS update and more

We're through two weeks in the MFLS, and none of your three Cupcake bakers is on top of the Liga de Cupcakes.

That honor goes to our buddy L.B. at Sideline Views. With an impressive six goals so far, there's already a 10-point divide between first place and the rest of the league.

I'm just thankful that Sounds Like Kong, the official entry of yours truly, finally got on the scoreboard through Josmer Altidore. Now if only Terry Cooke could score goals...

Also, apologies go out to our readers who missed our Manic Monday quiz this week. Contrary to what you may think, we do have jobs. We promise the quiz will make a mid-week appearance tomorrow.

Finally, we will be unable to bring you a live blog during Saturday's MLS action. The three of us will be in attendance for the Atlanta Silverbacks' season opener against Montreal. Maybe if you are lucky, all of us will be totally wasted after the match and we could have some drunken blogging going on during the Chivas-RSL match late Saturday.

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