April 16, 2007

Cupcakes of the Week

Clint Mathis: A goal and an assist in the monsoon gets you a tasty treat. I'm not going to go overboard like a lot of people and say "The old Clint Mathis is back!" I will give him a cupcake though...

Juan Carlos Toja: Excellent play out of the Dallas midfielder on Thursday night, although he didn't factor into the stat sheet. His shot set up Ruiz's PK, and he controlled the midfield, largely keeping Landon Donovan quiet.

Nico Hernandez: Nico was a beast against Chicago on Sunday night. He started up front, but then switched to left mid when Roberto Brown was sent off. He played it like an old pro, and then sent an awesome ball forward for Herculez to score what should have been the game winner.

Taylor Twellman: 2 goals is pretty much good for an automatic cupcake. Maybe he'll share with Waldo...

Eddie Johnson: He's in the same boat at Cleetus. I'm not going to say that he's back to where he was, but he looked damn good in the rain at RFK. One goal and two assists is pretty nice. Eddie gets the extra sprinkles this week.

Kevin Hartman: Kind of weird to give him a cupcake after he let in two goals, but I thought Cartman played really well. The conditions were really tough to deal with for a goalkeeper, and Big Kev controlled his box very well. DC sent in cross after cross in the second half, and they were all dealt with well.

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