April 16, 2007

MLS Power Rankings: Week 2

I'm going to make this short because I have to take my truck into the shop to get it fixed, so bear with me. Hopefully I'll have more time on my hands next week.

Eastern Conference

1. Chicago Fire - Snatched a point at Colorado on Sunday when all looked lost. These are the results they need until Blanco arrives.

2. New York Red Bulls - Look who's in 1st place! No Reyna = good news for New York fans. So do Cletus and Altidore goals.

3. Kansas City Wizards - Are they this good? No, I just think that D.C.'s defense played that bad. Well, Hartman did have a good game.

4. Columbus Crew - Two goalless draws made me brand them the Querétaro of MLS. For those who don't understand, Querétaro went the first six games of the current Mexican League season without scoring a goal, including an incredible 5 0-0 draws. Someone needs to put one in for the Crew. Calling Sebastian Rozental....

5. New England Revolution - I'm still trying to feel out this team, that's why they fall here. They did what they supposed to against Toronto so they're not going any higher this week.

6. D.C. United - Yuck. Playing terrible right now. Thankfully they get two weeks off to sort out the mess.

7. Toronto F.C. - A week and a half off to sort out the mess. But they're going to need a long time to figure things out.

Western Conference

1. Chivas USA - Yep, this is going to draw some critics. But Houston hasn't impressed me so far. They've scored 1 goal in 2 games. And it came courtesy of a bad foul call. The Goats get Real Salt Lake this weekend to help them forget this one.

2. Houston Dynamo - See above. They'll probably win this thing when the season's over, but their offense has looked terrible so far.

3. Colorado Rapids - Should be the only team on 6 points right now. We'll see what they do in their first game away from The Big Dick on Sunday. I think that'll say a lot about where this team is.

4. FC Dallas - A good win at the HDC followed by a bad loss in New York. The Hoops finally return home on Sunday.

5. Los Angeles Galaxy - Two weeks off until the first Honda Superclásico. No, Beckham won't be here by then. The Gals need to get a goal from someone else besides Robert Findley.

6. Real Salt Lake - This team really isn't that bad, they're just not fun to watch. Freddy has been invisible out there and Rimando was lucky to hold onto a clean sheet against the Crew.

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