April 15, 2007

Colorado-Chicago thoughts

I needed my MLS fix tonight, so I trudged up to the Brew to watch the Rapids-Fire match.

Roberto Brown, work on the anger issues. What's the point of going in two-footed, studs up, in the first few minutes of the game? CJ Brown is lucky he wasn't injured.

Even with the man advantage, and the majority of the possession, the Fire looked clueless for most of the first half. Why stick with a four man backline for that long going against one forward? They just seemed tentative.

Maybe that was because the Rapids went in for approximately 9,294 slide tackles in the first half. I've never seen a team go for more hard tackles. It really looked like they intimidated the Fire, they were ducking out of tackles.

Great ball from Nico, even better shot from Herculez for the goal. I really thought they were going to hold that lead.

Finally, with the first bit of really creative play they had all game, the Fire tied it late. Chris Rolfe made a nice run at the center of a tired Rapids D and chipped it to Chad Barrett. Mini-Rooney took the ball down well, and finished the chance. He then found the four Chicago fans in the stadium to celebrate with, nice touch.

All in all, fun game to watch. I'm still going to stick with the Rapids as a team to watch this year...

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