April 15, 2007

RBNY/FC Dallas halftime thoughts...

"'Cletus' claims Red Bulls' second"

That's what the top headline on MLSNet reads. I'm not joking.

For starters, those of you not on the East Coast can see what's going on. The weather is terrible over here and the northeast is getting the worst of it right now. Not the day for my truck to breakdown with a dead battery. Life sucks sometimes. And yes, I drive a truck. I LIVE IN THE SOUTH, OK????????????

WOW! A KEEPER CHANGE AT HALFTIME! Jon Conway on for Waterreus.

I think we can easily say Dallas has been the most up-and-down team in the league so far. They looked "meh" against Salt Lake, pretty good against the Gals and look terrible today.

It's too bad nobody's there to watch this game. This is the kind of game Red Bull needs to get more fans out.

Non-MLS thoughts:

I'm digging this online program that lets me watch TV from around the world. Since Charter doesn't offer GolTV (sacreligious bastards, THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE AZTECA AMERICA), I'm picking up an online transmission of the Valencia-Sevilla match of GolTV. Back in the day, the ads were for stuff like Hongotrim and Platinum Health Plus. Now the only ad I've seen is for "Sexomax" and "Erectomax."

Who's selling ads on this channel? Ricardo Mayorga?

I can't wait for this baked ziti to finish heating up...

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