March 2, 2007


Okay, look, it's the wrong MLS logo, but whoo-hoo anyway, damn it! Both Houston and DC made it to the semis of the CONCACAF Champions' Cup.

DC handled their business, defeating Olimpia 3-2 at Estadio RFK. Emilio and Gomez are now tied for the lead in scoring in the competition with three each. My quote after Emilio's second goal, "That Emilio, he's a bad..." Imagine Shaft people, imagine Shaft...

Houston came back to win 2-0 tonight, winning the series 2-1. Paul Dalglish (who I still maintain sucks balls) scored the first off a save from the keeper. Kelly Gray, of all people, scored with series winner off a save from a Bring Ching header. The Dynamo will be chugging the Orange Crush tonight, I can assure you.

It's two battles for national pride now. We could have the first Cupcakes Road Trip for the DC-Chivas match, we'll keep you posted...

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