March 2, 2007

Where is Marco Parra?

Today Chivas USA announced the signing of Jorge Becerra. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. I've never heard of the guy either. And for someone who follows the Mexican League very closely, this scares me. Although the press release swears that he played for Chivas Guadalajara, I can't remember him. And the fact that he played for Querétaro last season scares me even more. That team was terrible and had to rely on a grant from the state government just to maintain the team. Shows what kind of talent they could afford.

This move, coupled with the signing of Maykel Galindo and the trade for Alex Zotinca, plus the nonsensical Sueño MLS have me a little worried about the direction the team is taking.

Someone needs to wake up Antonio Cué and remind him who he's lost this offseason: Paco Palencia, Juan Pablo García (who I'm sure is loving playing 20 minutes a game for Tigres), and to top it off, Señor Bob. Sure, the trade for Amado Guevara could turn out to be a good move, but the losses have been much bigger than the gains. Not to mention the fact that his only scouting visits are to Seattle Sounders games, the team where he's picked up Galindo, Preston Burpo and the now-departed Brent Whitfield.

At this rate, next year's Chivas USA will feature the likes of Chivas Guadalajara flameouts like Marco Parra and Alfredo Talavera.

Then again, Cué took a gamble on Ante Razov last year, and look how that paid off. Speculation, worries, and more speculation. TIME FOR THE SEASON TO START!

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L.B. said...

The worst part about Jorge Barrera is that he was originally part of the group of players slated to join Chivas USA, the same group that included Francisco Mendoza, Isaac Romo, Alfonso Loera, et al. But Barrera chose not to come. I don't know for sure but I heard that some players didn't want to come because they wanted nothing to do with MLS. I can only assume that Barrera was one of them then but now apparently that's changed.

I'll have to talk to him about that to get the story from his point of view. By the way, Borboa sucked ass. Glad he's gone.