March 1, 2007

I love FSC, but...

  • DC has played a 3-5-2 for quite a long time. They still can't get the formation right when showing the lineups, it's always a 4-4-2 with people all out of position.
  • Josh Gros is one of my favorite players, I'm wearing the Gros jersey right now actually, but I would NEVER describe him as having "an educated left foot".
  • This is not the first chance DC has had to advance in this tournament since 1998, I seem to remember watching DC in the semifinals on this very network in 2005. Of course, I still try to block out that game in Mexico against Pumas, but I know it happened.
  • Olimpia is not a "South American" side.

Wow, the field looks pretty awful. It's super slick, the weather definitely hasn't helped.

Alright, off to the bar for the rest of the DC match and the Houston-Puntarenas decider. We'll have thoughts on both matches tomorrow...

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