March 23, 2007

Sprinkles: Healthy living for the Gals

LA: Herbalife will be on the front of the Gals jerseys for the next five years. The company will also sponsor all of the Galaxy international and exhibition matches. According the LA Times, the dollar amount is somewhere in the $3.5-$5 million per year range.

Also, the Alan Gordon leaving rumors might not be true. He was modeling the new Herbalife Galaxy jerseys. This might also clear up the "new jersey" debate for the Galaxy. Although no one really knows with Alexi, he could just be messing with Gordon and release him later today. Then, the team will come out on opening day in some sweet tie-dye uniforms.

The Galaxy also picked up a win last night, coming from behind to defeat Rochester 3-2 in Puerto Rico. Jacqua, Martino, and Albright scored second half goals to reverse a 2-0 halftime score.

Salt Lake:
iStar Financial will be replacing Goldman Sachs as the investor in RSL and their new stadium.

New York:
The Bulls are still looking for another forward since it seems everyone in the free world has turned them down. They do still have Ansu Toure, formerly of the Minnesota Thunder, in camp on trial. Reports are leaking that Alecko Eskandarian has asked Toronto for a trade, could that be the answer? Will they force him to drink a case of Red Bull as initiation?

It also looks like the Hunter Freeman deal is a go, although there isn't an official announcement yet.

I'm starting to wonder what's up down there in the Oven, and I'm not the only one. They've lets lots of talent leave town, without much coming in to replace them. They still don't have their starting lineup set, and they're going to move to a 4-2-3-1 formation that could take some getting used to. I'm definitely not sure about El Pescadito playing as a lone striker.

Speaking of which, Puerto Rico defeated FC Dallas last night 1-0 on the island. It wasn't the first choice "lineup" at this point, but Dallas could use some wins before the season starts, don't you think?

Poor Jon Busch, he gets the boot in Columbus, gets pissed about it, goes to Toronto in the waiver draft, and then they drop him too. Where to now, Jonny? Just don't go to Virginia Beach...

Virginia Beach: Here's the latest on the incredible, disappearing owner trick in the USL. This guy sounds like a moron. I feel bad for the league, now they have to sort this out. I think it's too late to completely pull the team from the schedule.

Columbus: The name making the rounds as the "name South American player" that Columbus was trying to bring in is Guillermo Barros-Schelotto of Boca Juniors. He's a Boca fan favorite due to his gritty play, but he's also injured. Sounds perfect for the Crew, eh?

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