March 13, 2007

Sprinkles: Back in the bakery

Sorry about the lack of posts over the weekend, which unfortunately carried over to Monday as well. Trust me, I didn't have fun lying in bed all day yesterday either, coughing my guts out and trying to swallow. Sore throats suck. Let's see if some Sprinkles can help my cold...

MLS: The league announced a partnership with the German Bundesliga today. The two leagues will work together and exchange knowledge. The BigSoccer crowd is definitely not pleased, I think they were hoping Klose, Hargreaves, and Podolski were coming to MLS on loan.
LA: The Cutting Crew, a.k.a. Darren Currie, failed in his two-week trial with the Galaxy. He'll be joining Derby County instead.

NY: Our boy Ives rips the Red Bulls on the business side of things. He sounds pretty dead on. The soccer side is coming along with The Bruce on board, but it sounds like they have lots of work to do in the boardroom.

DC: United seems pretty optimistic that Troy Perkins will be available for Thursday's game with Chivas. He's mostly worried about his kicks with his right leg. After what I saw of Jay Nolly in Salt Lake and late in the Olimpia match, rub some Mineral Ice on that leg and get out there Troy!

I'll be back around later tonight for more, until then...

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