March 9, 2007

Sprinkles: Second helping

LA: More details on the World Series of Football are available. The Gals will face both Chelsea and Tigres. There will be two doubleheaders in the series, with a champion being declared. Our boy Alexi says that this will be the first trophy the Galaxy are aiming for in 2007.

In preseason news, LA defeated Houston 1-0 on a Landon Donovan goal. Former Charleston man Gavin Glinton assisted.

Toronto: Former United favorite Alecko Eskandarian scored to lead Toronto to a 4-0 win over the University of Connecticut. On the opposite side of things, Esky was knocked out of the game five minutes later on a rough tackle that injured his calf. Read more about the goings-on for Toronto here. Playing Jose Cancela as a wide midfielder sounds insane to me.

Rumors are also floating around about a Carlsburg Cup of sorts in Toronto this summer involving Liverpool and FC Copenhagen, two teams (like Toronto) sponsored by Carlsburg.

Salt Lake: The boys weren't so royal as they lost to San Sebastian (3rd division) in Spain 2-0. However, observers are giving massive props to Junior Captain America.

Chicago: The Fire's youngsters dropped a 2-1 decision to UCLA today. Interesting lineups played by the team, this is the time of year for that sort of thing though.

DC: The Black and Red played a friendly with Motagua of the Honduran first division in Miami on Friday night, winning 4-2. The first choice lineup started the game, but plenty of subs were made throughout the second half. Josh Gros, Christian Gomez, Luciano Emilio, and Stephen deRoux scored the goals for United. Rod Dyachenko injured his knee during the week and didn't dress.

Brazilian Welton Silva also didn't dress and looks unlikely to be signed at this point.

New York: Undrafted rookie Hugh McDonald earned a contract through his play during training camp. McDonald is from nearby Kearney, New Jersey; the home of American soccer stars John Harkes, Tab Ramos, and Tony Meola. He's a big kid: 6'4', 200 lbs.

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