March 6, 2007

And you thought Mega Millions was big...

Steven Goff keeps the hits coming, with this juicy bit of information. US U20 international Robbie Rogers has signed with MLS, and his rights will be determined in a weighted lottery on Thursday. Toronto and DC were both after the guy, and willing to throw some cash around to make it happen, but MLS decided to have some fun with ping-pong balls.

As a DC fan, I'd love to see them get Rogers. He was one of the most impressive Americans during the U20 qualifying tournament a couple of months ago. Bringing him in would allow Ben Olsen to move back to the middle of the field, where he belongs at this point in his career. Olsen is a National Treasure (to quote some DC fans), but he's just not fast enough to keep up with speedy wingers at this point.

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