March 6, 2007

He has Performance Enhancing Underwear

From the A-League to MLS? I knew I should have watched more of the Hyundai A-League highlights when they were on FSC. I do remember him vaguely, and he's reported to be one of the better players in the league. (Disclaimer: That's really not saying all that much since Adelaide made a huge deal out of signing Diego Walsh from Miami FC)

According to the hardest working man in soccer blog-dom Steven Goff, he's an attacking mid and forward, but DCU thinks he might be the answer to their hole on the flank.

He usually doesn't start bringing up names until there's a good chance of a signing, so we'll see what happens here. Another question, can this many Argentines and Brazilians co-exist?

EDIT: According to Wikipedia, our boy Fred became popular in Australia when he did a commercial for "Performance Enhancing Underwear". Well, I guess that picture is fully explained now...

EDIT 2: Thanks to commenter Bob, here's the greatest commercial of our times:


Bob said...

Here is the commercial. It is predictably bad.

Menezes said...

He played with me were in Brazil at the "Olympic de Barbacena". He was really the best.

He is a very nice person. Religious, calm, family. I pray for his success! He deserves it!

I would like to play at Australian Soccer too. It looks nice for me.

my email: josemsn [at] gmail dot com