March 29, 2007

And now for something completely different...

That's what the US served up last night against Guatemala. I'm glad I wasn't on live-blog duty, I might have thrown my keyboard through the TV.

It wasn't even that anyone in the US uniform just sucked either, it was just an incredibly boring game. Guatemala did everything right to hold the US offense in check and get out of Dallas with a scoreless draw. We still counter well, but have problems taking the game to a team that is hanging back.

What else did we learn last night?
  • Eddie Johnson still has confidence issues.
  • I liked Frankie Simek's hustle, but he's still way hehind Steve Cherundolo on the depth chart.
  • Spector was very good at getting forward on the left side, good distribution from there as well.
  • Dempsey was more into the game, but still not on his best game.
  • I really like Justin Mapp on the left side, that battle is shaping up to be a good one between Mapp, DMB, and Convey. At least one of them will have to move to a different spot on the field.
  • Donovan and Johnson is not a good pairing up front, they were both too far forward and getting lost. If Donovan is up top, I think he plays best of someone who can play as a target and play with their back to the goal. Ching worked well Sunday, McBride worked well in the past.
  • Why didn't Kenny Cooper start? I think we know what we get with Johnson these days, and he's just not playing well at the moment. Cooper should've gotten more time to show what he can do. I really don't like him playing out wide either.
  • The players on the field never really responded to the adjustments in the formation that Bradley made with his second half subs.
All in all, the less said about that game, the better.

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