December 4, 2009

World Cup Draw musings

Today's the big day, isn't it? The day when the hopes of the USMNT are determined by some celebrities, some bowls, and some ping pong balls.

Sadly, I'm not kidding. Today can make or break the US chances of advancing at next summer's World Cup. If we get the true GROUP OF DEATH of Brazil, Ivory Coast, and France things will be much tougher than if we were to draw South Africa, Algeria, and Slovenia.

We have no control over this, so we just have to wait to see how this plays out this afternoon. Let's hope there's no back room dealings involving Sepp, Mr. Warner, and any other FIFA authority figures/shady figures...

What can the USMNT control in the run up to South Africa?
  • Friendlies: Thankfully, it looks like Bradley will not be following Arena's 2006 model of playing a bunch of nobodies. I kept waiting for East Timor to end up on the schedule. Depending on the draw, hopefully he'll look to add some African teams since we rarely play them.
  • Media relations: Looking good so far, Landon has been everywhere talking about the draw. Hopefully this can help control the WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE hysteria if we do fall in a Group of Death. Get some other guys out there giving interviews and spreading the word.
Let's get off of this obsession with Donovan going on loan in January. Just because Beckham is doing it doesn't mean Landon has to do the same. The USMNT will have a January camp as always, which will help keep Landon sharp prior to the MLS kickoff. England won't do that, so Beckham going back to Milan is a good move in his case. Besides, there's a lot of jerseys to sell...

Besides the draw, keep your fingers crossed for the recovery of Onyewu and Davies. I just don't see the depth out there to replace those two if they can't come back in time. Regardless of the group, we might be in big trouble without those two...

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Elin said...

American sports fans, many that follow sites such as, will be happy to see the USA vs England at next year's World Cup in South Africa. But, will superstar David Beckham play for England?

I'm not so sure, he seems to be more of a 1980s fashion model than a football player nowadays. Even if Beckham does play what good will it do? He will only play 5 minutes. Is he that good?

Another question is can Maradona last the tournament without being banned? And how on earth did New Zealand qualify in the first place?