December 6, 2009

Randomness on the World Cup Draw

  • Charlize Theron played the dumb blonde role really well. Much better than Sepp usually does...
  • I freaked out when I thought the US had drawn Ivory Coast into their group. Thank you for silly rules FIFA! Or, should I thank @ConcacafJack?
  • If the US doesn't advance out of its group, this campaign has been an absolute failure. Excuses are not allowed, we have to be able to advance through Algeria and Slovenia to be considered remotely serious.
  • Honduras has a decent chance to compete in their group. Spain will be nearly impossible, but upsets are possible against Chile and Switzerland. I'll be pulling for them, but I think Chile is too strong.
  • Mexico should get through their group, along with the despicable French. Uruguay looked ordinary against Costa Rica in their playoff, and the Ticos have been weak in the last year.
  • Toughest group is obviously G, with one of Brazil, Portugal, and Ivory Coast going home after the group stage. North Korea will pull at least a point somewhere in the group.
  • B could be the most fun to watch due to the clash of styles. I'll take Argentina and Nigeria there.
  • Germany should be fine in D, I'll take Serbia for now but will be watching out for Ghana to surprise.
  • Group E is another competitive one. It should be a battle between the Danes and Cameroon for 2nd place, but I'll be curious to see this high powered Japanese offense in action.
  • F is the easiest one, Italy and Paraguay are locks.
  • The US v. England game on Saturday, June 12 at 2:30 pm on ABC could be the biggest game in American soccer history when it comes to publicity and PR. Let's hope the USMNT can make the most of it. A win there could create some serious World Cup hype in this country like we've never seen before.

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