July 10, 2009

FMF Freak Out, part 2

Tying with Panama was bad enough. Getting a red card was okay. Getting your coach sent off for kicking at an opposing player, Woody Hayes would be proud. To top it off, your fans throwing everything they could find at the other team, and you have an FMF Freak Out.

What a debacle for Mexico last night in the Gold Cup against Panama. What was Aguirre thinking when he kicked at the Panama player? What kind of suspension will we see for him?

Security at the stadium was also an issue. You could see it after the Aguirre send off, the fans were ready to explode. Security should have been ready to deal with it. When the Panama player refused to exit through that tunnel, things should have been handled better. Instead, they just force the guy through there and he gets doused with trash, beer, and anything else that could be thrown.

After that, you'd think security should be on high alert. Nope, they allow an injured Panama player to have more stuff thrown at him.

Credit to the Mexico players, they were begging their fans not to act like this. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Let's see what happens next...

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