December 4, 2008

Let's discuss Landon Donovan

Our boy Landon is heading over to Bayern Munich on loan from Jan. 1-March 15. Munich is making it clear that they are taking the opportunity to "see how it goes" with the option of buying him outright.

At this point in his career, it's probably best for Landon to give a new squad a shot. What more can he do in MLS? Sadly, probably not much right now for the Galaxy, who have plenty of problems to sort out. It might actually be best for LA if Landon goes, it will free up the payroll needed to add some defenders who can actually play. I'm still convinced they signed Eduardo Dominguez because he hit Beckham's jersey in that commercial...

It'll be nice when people get over what happened with Donovan at Leverkusen years ago. He wasn't comfortable there at that point in his life or career, he wasn't supported by the club, the coach didn't really have plans for him, he made the right move to come back to MLS. This situation is different, he knows the coach well and knows what is expected of him.

I would assume that unless he bombs during this loan spell, Bayern will pull the trigger to keep him. Klinnsmann knows what he's getting and just wants to make sure he fits in with the squad. Hopefully it works out so Landon is a contributor and not just filling out the squad sheet. That would finally get people off his back and maybe they'd realize that Donovan is the best player the US has produced.

Donovan only has to answer to himself at this point. He has served US soccer well, and will continue to do so as one of the national team's most dangerous players. This is his chance to fulfill his own ambitions.


Nicole said...

Nice post. Totally agree with everything you've written.

It's so refreshing to read blogs about Donovan that aren't filled with hate and vitriol.

I think he'll do well.

Longshoe said...

Don't get me wrong, it's fun to boo and heckle Landon when he's been with the Gals. He's just that type of player who drives opposing fans crazy, and he knows it. He plays up to really well, such as his return to San Jose in his first LA season and scorching DC when the fans got after him.

The thing is, too many American fans can't put this aside when he's in a US jersey. The guy busts his ass for the shirt, what more do you want?

Personal opinions aside, he'll pretty much own the national team record book when he's done. He's been the best, and he's still got lots to do.