November 17, 2008

Columbus v. New York: Who ya got???

If anybody picked this MLS Cup match-up before the season, I would like for them to tell me the upcoming lottery numbers, the winner for Album of the Year in 2011, and when the world is going to end.

We will have a new champion, as neither Columbus or New York has ever been this far. I'm just glad New York finally has a trophy to put on their nightstand, even if it's the ridiculously tiny Western Conference trophy. Hey MLS, if you're going to make Conference Champion trophies that small, why even make them at all?

It will be fun to watch Alexi shotgun his Red Bull. I hope they make him chase it with some of the nasty Red Bull Cola.

I have to go with the Crew in this game, they've been the best team all year. I don't think New York's defense can cope with Moreno, Schelotto, Rogers, and Gaven. Chad Marshall will have to prove his worth against Juan Pablo Angel and Frankie Hejduk will have to neutralize Dave Van den Burgh. They can do this, and will win.

Your predictions in the comments....


KevK said...

Who to pick, who to pick...
I see the Crew winning 3-0
Gaven, Moreno, Lenhart(as a sub)

Meeting at the Brew for this one?

Joemybro said...

Columbus 2-1
GBS on a late PK