September 15, 2008

The Kandji Saga continues: loan with an option to buy?

Ives is reporting this morning that the Red Bulls are still very interested in adding Macoumba Kandji to their team for the stretch run of the MLS season and are now discussing a loan for the remainder of the season, with an option to buy. The dollar figure of the potential transfer is said to be a little lower than the $200K that was previously discussed.

Now, the Red Bulls are negotiating the potential contract terms with Kandji, if they were to purchase his contract. They have until 5:00 pm this afternoon to get it done.

Basically, it looks like the Red Bulls are really desperate to add Kandji to their roster, at least for this season. I'm surprised that this has moved to a loan deal, but maybe it's the only way to make everyone happy. I think Kandji could really benefit from training with such a well respected coach as Juan Carlos Osorio and playing alongside an internationally renowned striker such as Juan Pablo Angel. I'd love to see this move happen.

We'll see what happens...

UPDATE (3:10 pm): A NY Post blog is reporting that Kandji could be in New York for a physical today. Less than 2 hours until the roster freeze, can they get this done?

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