September 16, 2008

I now have a team to support in WPS

With the official announcement of allocations coming up shortly, word on the street is that Hope Solo and Lori Chalupny, two of my favorites from the national team, will be playing for St. Louis.

Right now, it's just St. Louis. No nickname, no FC or SC, just St. Louis. Sweet logo, I have to admit.

I'm officially on record as demanding that the new Atlanta WPS team makes a trade for Hope as soon as they have a chance.

And now, for the fans...


Anonymous said...

The logo is the current logo for the Select Soccer Club for Saint Louis Area Youth called Saint Louis Scott Gallagher. My girls think it is awesome that the WPS team will wear the same logo as them!

Longshoe said...

It's one of the best logos I've seen in a while.

I love that the club is already building those links with the youth, that's what all pro clubs need to do to succeed. Your girls will now want to see the pros, which will keep growing the game.

Great work St. Louis!