August 28, 2008

Update on Kandji non-transfer

Leave it to an online source to figure out what's going on, or, in this case, shed more confusion on the situation.

The good men over at MetroFanatic went all the way to contact MLS Deputy Commissioner Ivan Gazidis to seek a response into the rumors that the league blocked the transfer of Macoumba Kandji to the Red Bulls.

From Gazidis:

"I have no idea who the source is for this story but it's absolute nonsense. While I can't comment on this specific player since he's under contract to Atlanta, Red Bull and the League work absolutely in lockstep on player negotiations and the League has not blocked any move for anyone by the Red Bulls.

It's difficult to respond to blog entries where unknown sources are referenced - and of course blogs are driven by hits, not necessarily by the same standards as print media."

Now, if MLS DIDN'T block the transfer, then why wouldn't this have gone through. The only reasonable explanations are: 1. Atlanta upped the asking price (which I highly doubt, considering they're hard off for cash :cough: Ansu Toure trade :cough:
2. New York isn't interested in Kandji anymore (another highly doubtful explanation, as we all know that they've been looking at him for almost a month now).

I call shenanigans on this. Someone isn't telling the truth, and if you ask me it's probably MLS. There's no reason for the Silverbacks or Red Bull to hold this up. And unfortunately, a really good guy is caught in the middle of all this nonsense. We'll keep you posted on how this turns out, and we'll be at the Silverbacks' final home game on Saturday and see if we can find out anything.

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