August 28, 2008

MLS tries to bully Silverbacks, block sale of Kandji to Red Bulls

Soccer by Ives is reporting that MLS has blocked the Red Bulls' purchase of Macoumba Kandji from the Silverbacks. Get the details here...

I think MLS really, really screwed up here. Who cares what league a quality player is in? Why should the fact that he's playing in the USL matter as to his value? If New York feels he's worth $200K, and they have the money to spend, then it's absolutely ridiculous for the league to stop them. Instead of this exciting player joining MLS, he's either going to stay in Atlanta or more likely be sold to an overseas club. MLS loses out, the Red Bulls lose out, who wins?

Major props to the Silverbacks for sticking to their guns and not backing down on the price for Kandji. I'm really glad that they didn't allow MLS to bully them into giving up Kandji for next to nothing, just because he's in the USL. The Silverbacks should be rewarded for discovering Kandji at a tryout, and for their investment in his training and other things.

This is a big loss for MLS and New York. I would've loved to have seen an Angel/Kandji combination for the Red Bulls.

I think MLS' opinion here says all you need to hear about what MLS thinks of the USL and the relationship between the two leagues. I knew it was bad, but even I'm a bit surprised by this move.

I'm very disappointed in MLS' decision here and will be real curious to see what the Silverbacks and Kandji do next.


KevK said...

The same situation happened with Pat Noonan to the Crew a few months ago. The Crew were prepared to pay a small transfer fee (<$100,000) and made a deal with Noonan, N.E.(for his rights) and the Norwegian(?) team. There really needs to be more independence for MLS teams.

Longshoe said...

That one I can halfway understand since it involved a player who had turned down a contract offered to him 6 months prior. They wanted to play hardball with him, and they did, since he had turned down a previous offer.

I didn't agree with the way that was handled, but I could at least understand the thought process behind it. Noonan was being punished in a way, it's just a shame the Crew were caught in the crossfire.

In this situation, nobody wins. MLS is depriving the Red Bulls of a player they really need. They're depriving their fans of another young, exciting player. They don't owe the Silverbacks anything, but they do owe their teams and their fans a commitment to bringing in the best players. Would it be a problem if Kandji was playing in the Primera A in Mexico, or the Costa Rican 2nd division, or a 3rd or 4th division European club. No, because they've signed those types of guys before.

Just because this is USL and MLS hates USL, the league has decided to block this move. It's stupid, short-sighted, and bull-headed.

I think I'm done for now...