August 21, 2008

More coverage of the Cupcake Nation's favorite goalkeeper

The mainstream media chimes in with a few great articles about Hope's redemption.

I'm still not sure what was up with the fake gold medal Hope pulled out of her bag. Whatever works, I guess. After living up to her comments after last year's Brazil debacle, she could pretty much do whatever she wants.

Speaking of last year, I'd love to know how Greg Ryan feels today...


Anonymous said...

Rename the blog:


More Hope pix and that should drive a little more traffic to the site.

Oh wait, you guys would have to get work done... nevermind.

Longshoe said...

I find it really funny that they've finally put Hope out front and center of all the media coverage. Even the official blog was barely mentioning her during the lead up to the gold medal game, or throughout the tournament.

Now, she's the superstar. That whole Mean Girls thing last year had a lot of repercussions, I believe...