August 11, 2008

Hello, I'm Alexi Lalas and I'm seeking employment

I figure since these guys have disappeared lately, that I could use this space to look for a new job. I am a legend, I build SUPERCLUBS. Just ask the folks in New York and Los Angeles. They will speak to my OVERWHELMING success.

I don't want to work in England, so don't send me any offers. I don't want to work with an inferior product.

I am a master of the salary cap. I know how to use it to develop talent and get young players on the field. They might not be ready to succeed yet, but they will be SUPER players really soon. I PROMISE!

Just send your offers in through the comments here and I'll get back to you. What should I do next?


Jefa said...

We need a U8 coach in College Park. There's a lot of raw talent and I hear that the juice boxes ROCK! Maybe we can give you the hook up and you can stay in the Brown's new garage.

Alexi said...

I will build the best U8 team in the HISTORY of the SPORT. I will buy and sell U8 players to build a SUPERCLUB.

Don't worry about the garage, I'm getting the band back together to make some extra money. We're playing on the street corner for donations. I'm going to be a ROCK STAR too.