June 30, 2008

La Furia

(Check in with our amigos at Medio Tiempo for more great cartoons like this one)

The right team won the Euros yesterday. The team that chose to come out and play to win actually won. It was nice to see at a big tournament, so often the safe teams win. The teams that try to entertain and attack so often come up short, while cynicism prevails. Glad to see something different this time around...

It was actually a good tournament for those types of teams. The Russians were a blast to watch, playing with innocence and joy. The Dutch were equally great, until they ran into their old coach in the quarters. The Turks and their "never say die" attitude meant you had to watch their games until the final whistle. Well, at least while the satellite transmission holds out, right?

The teams that didn't want to attack didn't get the job done. Greece didn't last long. The Italians were shut down by Saint Iker. Why the Germans decided to play so conservatively yesterday, I'll never know. It was the worst I've ever seen a German team play.

The Spanish jinx is broken, thankfully. Viva Espana!


Anonymous said...

Marcos Antonio Senna, Un "Must"

Longshoe said...

Si, I think Senna was the engine that kept everything rolling for Spain. He did all the dirty work, allowing everyone else to go forward. Without him, Spain would not have worked so well.

It's easy to overlook that holding midfielder, but Senna played as well as any I've seen in a while.

filomeno2006 said...

Acertado comentario de Longshoe: Senna, "Computadora" y "Pulmón" del Equipo Español

student said...