April 25, 2008

Quick thoughts on Atlanta-Montreal

Thanks to some traffic and a late start from the southside, I missed the first 20 minutes of the game. It was nice to pull into the Park and hear the stadium erupt on Macoumba's goal. Here's some quick thoughts about the rest of the game, leave yours in the comments...
  • After the goal, Montreal really started to control the game. They were getting plenty of chances, but the finishing was not that strong. Everything was right at McIntosh. You could kind of feel the goal coming.
  • I really liked what Coach Smith did in the second half, with three forward pressuring the Montreal backline. It really changed the game, and ended up creating both of the Silverbacks' second half goals. While it didn't really result in sustained possession, it kept Montreal bottled up in their own half.
  • Rios' pass to Hayes on the 2nd goal was exquisite.
  • Toure's cross to McLaughlin on the 3rd goal was almost as good. McLaughlin's header was picture perfect off the inside of the far post.
  • Montreal started creating chances again late in the half, primarily coming through the middle of the field. It seemed like the Atlanta forwards tired because there wasn't as much pressure up top.
  • What was Bolton doing on the 2nd Montreal goal?
  • I'll be curious to see the stats, it seemed like Montreal outshot Atlanta by a fair margin. Atlanta's finishing was much better though, Montreal didn't force McIntosh to work all that hard.
Good win against a strong team, you can't really ask for much more. It was a weird one though, as it seemed like the game was always up for grabs. Next week's championship rematch with Seattle will be quite the test...


kizzak said...

I was way too drunk to have any aesthetic opinion about the match to be honest

Longshoe said...

Nothing wrong with that... Viva Tecate!

Gary said...

defense stunk. i really like the play of hayes and jason mc. i didn't like toure, but i think he was just trying too hard and will do nice things. rios is still a class player when he plays in his element, with the action in front of him and some open field to work in. he tried hard to play defense, but it's just not what he's good at. i wish tony were less concerned about being a good soldier and more concerned about his leg, but i kind of know that's not going to happen.