April 22, 2008

Donkey of the Week

I didn't get to see a whole lot of MLS action this past weekend between coaching and administrating and such. I'm open to taking nominations for the Donkey of the Week in the comments. Here's the choices thus far...

* Gonzalo Peralta (DCU): He seems to be the whipping boy for DC's defensive struggles so far. I'm not so sure just yet, but he did struggle a bit this week.

* Patrick Ianni (HOU): I just saw a little of the LA-HOU game Saturday night, but it's never good when somebody scores on you and then talks some trash in your face as you're getting up.

* Justin Mapp (CHI): I don't know why, but the BigSoccer Chicago fans really, REALLY hate this guy. Is he that bad? I've liked what I've seen of him, but I don't think he's developed quickly enough.

* Gary Flood (NE): Way to make a fool out of yourself at Fenway Park buddy. Even better when you get Joey Joe to fall off the wagon and then get traded. I don't think your jersey will ever be a big seller up in New England.

* Mauricio Castro (NE): Sneaky kick, amigo. Why don't you just go get a baseball bat next time to make it a little less obvious?

I think my pick is Flood. It's one thing to be a Donkey on the field, but even worse to be a Donkey while out in public.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Additions?


prairie said...

Castro was merely expressing the will of the proletariat that Goldthwaite get kicked in the junk.

Longshoe said...

I do not dispute the proletariat's will, and since it didn't end up costing the team the result, I could not choose Castro as this week's Donkey.

However, kicking another man in the junk is a true Donkey-esque act.