March 20, 2008

Your requisite Olympic Qualifying post

Unfortunately, my schedule hasn't been real cooperative when it comes to the U23's lately, so I haven't seen much of the qualifying tournament. I did see the hilarity that was Mexico's 5-1 win, but loss, to Haiti. I've never seen so many missed chances, especially in the six yard box.

What I have seen of the US has been, well, underwhelming. I expected more out of this group, especially after some extended time with Coach Nowak. The first word that really comes to mind is flat. They just don't have much of a spark.

They're going to need one tonight against the feisty Canadians. Canada has spent about $12.95 on this tournament, and didn't expect to be here at this point. They have absolutely nothing to lose, and have to be feeling pretty good after putting five goals on Guatemala. The longer the game remains tied, the more confidence will be gained by Canada. Jozy, Freddy, and the boys need to get on top of this one early.


Lucas said...

Any chance Tiffany May will be in attendance tonight in Nashville?

Anonymous said...

fap fap fap fap

Joemybro said...

Too bad they didn't call in goal scoring machine Devon McTavish. Perhaps he'll get a look if we go through to China after tonight? Or is he too old?